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Elvis at Russwood Stadium

Elvis at Russwood Stadium

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Size: 24"x36"

Elvis performs on the Fourth of July, 1956 at Russwood Stadium, Memphis, TN to benefit a Children's Charity. Framed art picture with Incandescent lighting effects from Electric Art. Tap or hover mouse over picture to see lights turn on. Mini Light Bulbs as Spot light and Stage Lights.

On the night of July 4th, 1956, Elvis Presley and his musicians Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana performed a benefit concert at Russwood Park. Over 10,000 fans were in attendance many of whom had camped out since early that morning to get a stage side seat. The purpose of the event was to benefit the Cynthia Milk Fund and Home for Convalescent Children. The charity event featured over 100 performers all of whom volunteered their services to perform on a hot July evening for more than three hours. To see a 2 min clip of Elvis singing at the Russwood Charity event go here.

Photographers Robert W. Dye and Alfred Wertheimer had access to the stage that fans would dream of. Dye explained his presence on stage with Elvis by saying "It was the only safe place to be. Those girls in the audience will mob you'.

When the show ended Elvis was escorted by an entourage of local Police to a squad car parked at the back of the stage. Fans rocked the car trying to get at their idol but Elvis just grinned as the police car gently pushed through the crowd. Elvis and the other performers raised close to $15,000 for the children's charity that night. This was July 4th at Russwood Stadium- just about two years after their early hit recording 'That's All Right'.

At Electric Art we added miniature incandescent lamps to this classic early Elvis poster to bring the scene to life as a light up art picture. Move your mouse over the image above to see the lights turn ON. Or, if you're on a phone just touch the image.

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