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Easy Rider Motorcycle 1969

Easy Rider Motorcycle 1969

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Lighted Picture

Size: 24"x34"

Scene from the famous 1969 Movie "Easy Rider". Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper play the rebels in search of freedom in a conformist America. Filmed the same year as the concert at Woodstock. Framed picture with incandescent lights from Electric Art. Mini Light Bulbs in headlights of both motorcycles.

Easy Rider was a classic American open road drama made in 1969. The iconic film was written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern with Hopper as Director. Fonda and Hopper portray two opportunistic bikers on the road through the American Southwest while carrying the proceeds from a cocaine deal. This movie is basically about capitalist ethics in America. As if capitalism might be some sort of delusional "drug-hight". The motorcycle they rode came to be a symbol of the American war machine of the Vietnam era. American freedom looked to be at an end with other nations moving up. The actor's death scene at the end was a symbol of America turning inwards on itself falling victim to the ravages of racism and hate. Recall the straight laced German-looking guys in a pick-up if they were just a couple of good ole boys from down south. Obviously the writers in Hollywood had their own ideas how the fate of Fonda and Hopper would play out in the movie Easy Rider.

At Electric Art we added miniature incandescent lamps to this classic pop culture poster to bring the scene to life as a light up art picture. Move your mouse over the image above to see the lights turn ON. Or, if you're on a phone just touch the image.

Also available in 12"x18" Mini LED variant, see below.

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