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Dogs Playing Pool Lighted Art

Dogs Playing Pool Lighted Art

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Lighted Picture

Size: 24"x34"

The Hustler prepares to shoot with five colorful on lookers. Part of a 19 piece collection of Kitsch artworks painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge in 1894. Great companion piece to " ". Framed picture with LED lighting effects by Electric Art. Miniature incandescent bulb in lamp fixture. Green LED lights around billiard table.

Dogs Playing Pool was painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge in 1894 as part of a print cigar ad. It's part of a 18 piece collection called Dogs Playing Poker. The artworks depict Six dogs of various breeds around a pool table. One Dog, called "The Hustler" is about to shootake a shot while the other five look on with anticipation. The series by Coolidge inspired similar collections by other Artists depicting Dogs playing pool.

Prior to painting his famous artwork series "Dogs Playing Pool" Coolidge had little formal training. For inspiration he gives credit to other great Artists of the day including Cézanne, Caravaggio and Georges de La Tour. Coolidge did not receive critical praise during his era. Only later did his works become popular and valuable. Sothey's auction house sold one of his works for $74,000. Another one sold at auction for $590,400.

Also available in 12"x18" Mini LED variant, see below.

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