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Chevy Showdown Porkys Drive In

Chevy Showdown Porkys Drive In

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Lighted Picture

Size: 24"x34"

Two famed Muscle Cars - a '70 Chevelle SS and a '69 Camaro SS get set to race in front of the iconic Porky's Drive In in St Paul, Minnesota. Framed picture with LED lights by Electric Art. Tap or hover mouse over picture to see lights turn ON/OFF. Mini Light Bulbs in car head lights. Yellow & Red L.E.D. lights in signs.

Since 1952 Porky's has been a popular place in the twin cities for Burgers and floats, cruising and Saturday night burnouts. If you're from St. Paul, Minnesota you know the iconic smiling face with top hat and the familiar red and white checkered exterior. You'd also remember the small sign below the iconic pig in the smiling Porky's sign that reads, "Twin Cities best burger in 2 minutes".

Porky's wasn't just part of the cruisin' scene of the 50s and 60s as car buffs know it was also part of the hip drive in experience that grew out of the popular 1973 movie "American Graffiti."

We spoke to Nora Truelson who remembers the legendary burger joint well. She began working at Porky's as a car hop back in 1957. She was first the owner's girlfriend and later his wife and business partner until her husband Ray passed away in 1994. During the photo shoot we staged with the Camaro set to race against the Chevelle out of Porky's Driveway we met Cindy Hogan and her kids having lunch at an outdoor table. She said she could remember when her Dad would take her there in their 1956 Thunderbird convertible.

The Hogans say Porky's Drive In was a popular stop on the cruising circuit back then. She remembers the line of parking places along the back fence as the "hot spots" to snag for hanging out on Saturday nights.

Another patron Biff Hawkey, who drove a 63 Corvette Stingray in the 1960s, pointed nostalgically to the spot where he met a girl he dated for more than ten years and who he would eventually marry. "This place is part of history for me," he said. He waxed nostalgic over the burgers, onion rings and a chocolate malt they used to share together. Each time he comes in he relives the memories. "When you get older, so many things from your past seem to disappear," said Biff, now 69. "It's just nice this place has hung around for so long".

Porky's Drive In is now listed as an historic site in American culture. We feature this classic American drive in restaurant as a framed artwork decorated with LED lighting effects to make the picture come alive. Move your mouse over the picture to see the lights turn ON. Or, if you're visiting this page on a mobile device just touch the picture.

Also available in 12"x18" Mini LED variant, see below.

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